Adjustable Arc Shaver


Another of our brand new innovative products the Adjustable Arc Shaver.  It is made of exotic hardwoods and has an ultra sharp stainless steel grater where the arc can be manually adjusted with our patent pending twist lock knob. This gives each tool the ability to produce a range of arcs!

All you do is twist the circular knob a quarter turn counter clockwise, adjust the stainless steel grater to be as flat or arced as you wish and then turn the circular knob back a quarter turn clockwise!

Sharper     Less clogging     Easier Cleaning     No sharpening     Shavings exit easier


Adjustable Arc Shaver

 Price $38.00 ea.   [ID# AS]   available while supplies last ( 153 qty left)

*patent pending

Use all appropriate safety precautions.

Keep out of the reach of children.

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