DiamondCore Hole Drills

Solid DiamondCore Hole Drills for rapidly making holes in high-fired Clay Ceramics, porcelain pots, bisqueware or glass. (Diamond section of drill is solid diamond matrix, not just a layer of diamonds on the outer edge.) Drill holes for salt shaker plugs, to hang pieces, or for drain holes for plants, for holes in fountains, or sink basins etc.  With DiamondCore hole drills it isn’t necessary to calculate shrinkage of a hole in order to get the desired hole size.

Keep diamond section of drill bathed in water while drilling. Drill slowly, with ordinary cordless drill, and do not force or apply pressure to the drill. *Note- required 30 seconds to drill hole in mug pictured above. Start at a slight angle to get started then tilt upright and use light pressure, high speed and a gentle rotation motion.

Sizes – diameter

3mm   (.118″)  @ $21.00        ID# H3          

6mm   (.236″)   @ $23.00        ID# H6

8mm    (.315″)   @ $27.00        ID# H8

15 mm   (.590″)   @ $29.00      ID# H15

19mm   (.748″)   @ $33.00       ID# H19

25mm   (.985″)    @ $39.00       ID# H25

32mm   (1.26″)    @ $47.00      ID# H32   32mm AVAILABLE ONLY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST

4 hole drills

*Important – use all safety precautions & always use cordless drill, and keep out of the reach of children.

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