DiamondCore Needle Point


DiamondCore Needle Point Rotary Tool

Works with Dremels and other Rotary tools.

$16.00 each       ID# D8

Easily grind on glaze drips, or ream out a hole filled with glaze! Use it on bisque or high fired clay, porcelain, glaze or glass!

With DiamondCore technology these heads have diamonds embedded all the way through the head to the shaft, not just on the outer edge. They can remove high-fired glaze, clay or porcelain quickly, easily and have a much longer lifespan.

  • These rotary heads should be used with water to control dust and significantly increase the life of the tool.
  • Fits on any rotary tool and has 3mm shank with 10mm long grinding area..
  • For tool longevity and best results 1) use water 2) use highest speed 3) use light pressure ….letting the diamonds do the work.
  • Important – use all appropriate safety precautions.

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