Brand New Zebra Tools!

Introducing the sharpest clay carving tools in ceramic arts ….. 2 to 3 times sharper than ordinary loop tools!!



zebratools ALLIMG_1236

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Zebrawood “Pencil” Carvers for Clay Carving & Sgraffito


  • Ultra sharp Stainless Steel Blades

  • Handmade Zebrawood Handles

  • Carve Bone Dry or Leatherhard Clay

  • Much Sharper than ordinary loop tools

  • Leave little to no debris or burrs

  • Carve much faster with much less force

  • Use for carving, Sgraffito, sculpting, scraping, Mishima

  • Makes carving more enjoyable

  • Built-in stylus

  • Adjustable blade angle

  • Pencil style handle each comes with comfortable foam grip

  • Cleaner crisp lines

  • Less hand & muscle fatigue

  • Less clogging with blade openings wider at the back

  • Long lasting Stainless Steel blade and hardware

  • Carve deeper if desired

  • No sharpening needed (self-sharpening)

  •  Made of thin sheets of stainless steel, not wire

  • “V” Tip   (seen with yellow foam grip above)

  • “U” Tip – (this blade can also be modified to create  variety of blade shapes …. smaller U… or small square…. or other.)

  • Square Tip – great for creating 3D relief cuts

  • Hook Tip –  for shallow, clean V carvings allowing greater visibility of the carving area.

  • Carving is done in the “beak down” position.
  • Sgraffito is done with the back side of most blades ( beak facing up).

P1 $32.00  V-Tip Pencil Carver  IMG_1273

P2 $32.00  U-Tip Pencil Carver  IMG_1271

P3 $32.00  XL   U-Tip Pencil Carver (Heavy Duty) Has slightly thicker blade ….designed for more rugged use or clays with more grit. 

P4 $32.00  Teardrop Pencil Carver IMG_1624

P5 $32.00  Square Tip Pencil Carver IMG_1272

P6L $32.00  Hook Tip Pencil Carver (Leftie)

P6R $32.00  Hook Tip Pencil Carver (Rightie)    IMG_1274

P7 $32.00  Small Square -Tip Pencil Carver

P8 $32.00  Palm carver “V” Tip with 3.25″ long foam grip-covered handle.     P8 Swivel Carver



The Zebracarver Tool was designed to have:

  • Ergonomic feel

  • Allows much more freedom of hand motion

  • Not as limiting as a typical loop tool or pencil handle

  • Carve (pull) toward yourself or reposition your fingers

  • Carve away from yourself for better visibility.

  • V-tip and U-tip ( U-tip seen above).

K1 V-Tip Zebracarver  $32.00 each.  

K2 U-Tip Zebracarver  $32.00 each.  



* Avoid gritty clays, trimming, pushing, sideways motion and rough handling. Keep out of the reach of children.

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